Spare Parts

Quality You Can Rely On

When it comes to new vehicle equipment, many customers trust Car Fix Genuine parts. Car fix uses a Genuine spare parts for all of our routine service & car maintenance in our branches & Workshops Whether it is modern lighting or braking systems, durable batteries, premium wiper blades or cabin filters to reduce pollution and much more.

we also offers the alternative to the customer, we offer the after market spare parts which gives us the edge on the authorised dealers we have more than 1500 parts from the strongest car parts brands in the world which gives the client multi options to choose from.

Car fix is an authorized dealer for Castrol, bridgestone, osram, liquimoly & sonax.

Our quality control department is taking a big role in monitoring and making sure that your parts perfectly fit in your car without any mistakes and provides a warranty for our spare parts. we take full responsibility for changing, repairing, refunding any defected part. (terms & conditions apply)

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